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Dev Journal 1.1

MetaWars is entering EVO 1, and we hope to welcome our MetaWarriors aboard the battlefield with a brief update on our development process.

MetaWars hatched in 2021 and our community has grown to over 180K. Throughout this journey, our goal is to build a trailblazing and stunning experience with you.

During the growth and development phase of our ecosystem, despite the challenges around us, there have been a lot of initiatives and progress made.


Key Points:

  • Game Development is focused on expanding our backend communication architecture and Mech movement and controller states

  • Overall Improvement on Mech Movement and Player Control

  • Limited Edition NFT renderings are compete and waiting for marketing deployment

Behind the scenes, our team worked hard and made developmental progress on the game engine. We would like to share some highlights of the current production and our upcoming plans.


Game Engine Development

A lot of effort has been put into developing the foundation of MetaWars’ gameplay and making sure it meets the highest standards and user experience possible. In addition to Player Movement and Controller Improvements, we’ve also built a new Weapon Handle System that will allow players to move more freely and precisely control their weapons. Mech Movement States and Fine Tuning Movement Pace and Control will be the focus of future improvements.

Player Movement and Controller Improvements // Building
Weapon Control System // Done
Fine Tuning Movement Pace and Control scheme // Upcoming
More Mech Movement States (Recoil, landing, takeoff motion design) // Upcoming


Dash, Jump, Recoil, Landing, Takeoff motion design & animation



Visuals always take us long time to build and that’s the key element for the game. We are currently developing a comprehensive and sustainable rendering strategy . Now that the rendering of in-game environments and shader development has been enhanced, Mech Customization and visual effects creation can begin. We believe that our community’s future gameplay experience will improve immensely with our anticipated Post Processing Effect adjustments and optimizations, as well as our asset management advancements.

Upgrade Scene Visual and Lighting for in-game environment // Building

Mech Texture and UV // Building

3D model integration and compatibility test // Bug Fixing

Shader Development for Mech Customization and VFX // Building

VFX rendering compatibility test

Limited Edition Planet NFT rendering // Fine Tuning

LE Planet customization and Rendering

Adjust and Optimize Post Processing Effect // Upcoming

Asset management improvement // Upcoming

Shading and Rendering design


Mech Movement Animation

MetaWars has undergone a significant animation makeover in the last month. Mech rigging are specifically time consuming, instead of using the standard human rig. Each Mech design have their own customised bone to present all sort of gameplay movements. Mech movement animations will be further refined, and IK and animation transitions will be updated in the near future.

Animation Improvements for Mech ground Movement // Building

Adjust IK and animation transitions // Upcoming

Ground movement animation design


Game Features

Our feature development team is laser-focused on completing the project on time and on budget. Our ecosystem has just been enhanced by adding customisable color and texture patterns. Keep a watch out for our latest updates, which will feature attachments that may be added to various parts of the body, to demonstrate our commitment to appreciating your tireless efforts.

Customization Features: configurable color, texture pattern and system // Prototyping

Designing attachable accessories on different types of Mech’s body parts// Prototyping


Game Art

For this world to feel completely coherent and expansive, it requires an all-encompassing art and style. We are pleased to announce that we have conducted an extensive study on our community and the “market” and have begun to plan for the arts and world style. In the near future, mech designs will be made available.

Initial batch of Mechs model design and 3D modelling // Done

Character design concept

Mech Design and World Concept Art Style calibration // Building

3D mech model rendering

Future Mechs concepting and prototype // Upcoming

We are in the process of forming partnerships with other guilds. More information about this will be shared soon! Subscribe to our various social media feeds so you don’t miss any news about the project’s progress.


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