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10000 Genesis Planet NFTs calling all MetaWarriors
Explore ruins, stars, and the vast universe
Build and expand your empire
Forge combat robots and galactic fleets
A new world awaits
Join alliances and defeat powerful enemies

War is Coming

They destroyed our home. We are all that is left of humanity. We have journeyed far to distant galaxies searching for a safe haven. The memories of our lost ones we carry with us. Somehow the apocalypse followed us. Mysterious forces beyond the abyss are looming over the horizon…

Planet NFTs

Planet NFTs are the core of your MetaWars economy. 

They are essential in generating resources which form the bulk of your economic output and infrastructure. They also set the stage for upgrading the power and value of your Mech NFT army.


Each planet will carry unique attributes for example civilisation level , Gam resources , H2O , Rare Metal etc. These resources will be used in various areas, such as resupplying or upgrading Mech NFTs, maintaining Planet infrastructure, develop your terrain.

Planet NFTs have multiple tiers of rarities. Each upgrade increases the resource production speed of the Planet, and unlocks various buffs and benefits to the player.

Grade S+

Faster-than-light exploration and special access to adventure

Grade A

Specialized Planets
Visit prehistoric, demolished worlds that are now scattered with gems.

Grade B

Habitable Planets
A stop at the resourceful zone, but beware of the creatures foraging for supplies there…

Grade C

Rural Planets
The Eden Garden of space, but be mindful of the temptations…
Obscure spot with fruitful resources to be explored.

Grade D

Obscure spot with fruitful resources to be explored.

Planet NFTs Utility

Players can construct additional resource production buildings or technological facilities on their Planet. Building and levelling them up requires GAM and certain resources.
Resource production speed can also be increased by upgrading production facilities or fusing planets through the Fusion System.
Planet owners will also be able to earn passive income by lending out their planets to other players for resource mining.


PlanetFi is a next-generation earning platform. By holding exclusive Planet NFTs allow holders to participate in a variety of earning pools, not only $WARS but also, native tokens of the promising GameFi projects. Getting your hands on these tokens early guarantees prosperity in both in-game and real life.

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