Game Feature

MetaWars is more than just a robot combat game but with a space economy & manufacturing world.
Players will be able to build their own Mech NFTs, customise them, and even dismantle them for parts
We look forward to have you joining us on this voyage into the uncharted territory…

Mech NFTs Building 

Beginning with story-driven campaigns in galaxies and expanding out into the vast universe, strengthen Mech NFTs by competing and fighting for resources. Build Mech NFT by customisation and even dismantling.

The highest-tier of legendary Mech NFTs require a large amount of Rednite and resources to build.

Resources Mining

Planet NFTs are essential in generating resources which form the bulk of your economic output and infrastructure.

Each planet will carry unique attributes for example civilisation level , Gam resources , H2O , Rare Metal etc. 

Research and develop in your own Planet NFTs or by using public research facilities. Resources can be gathered to upgrade Mech NFTs.

Enroute to Helios 

Planet Helios is the main battleground between different Factions and Guilds. Players can own a piece of Land NFT in Helios to passively mine Rednite which is essential to build all the high-tier Mech NFTs. 

Apart from the stories in the main campaign, there will be regular event held on Planet Helios where factions will compete against each other for Rednite.

Scramble for Rednite

To compete for the most valuable resources- Rednite, combat events are done where guilds will be required to coordinate with other guilds to attack & compete for Rednite at the same time.

Mech NFTs may get destroyed and $GAM is needed for repair. Therefore it doesn’t mean people with the strongest Robots will always win and get even more resources.

Ranked Tournaments

Ranked Tournaments are 1v1 or 5v5 battles where players will fight against each other in an arena. Players ranked highest will get amazing weekly rewards.


The foundation of MetaWars’ economy is built around the Marketplace, where players can buy, sell or trade resources & supply. There will be a small transaction fee for each trade, circulating back to the MetaWars ecosystem.

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